Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spring Break 2017

We had a blast this Spring Break as all 13 of us flew to Anna Maria Island for a week's vacation in the sun.  With 5 grandkids it was a busy household.  Four of these grands are ages 2 and under so someone was always sleeping, or eating, or crying, or fighting, or swimming, or reading books, or hugging Grandma! Grandpa and I sure had a fun time with everyone under 1 roof.  Uncle Josh and Aunt Cate got plenty of playing time too!  Here are some of the highlights.

We really had fun and always cherish our family time with these guys. We feel very blessed that they are willing to go on vacation with us and stay in close quarters so that we can catch up and share each others' lives.

John Maxwell said  "People may not remember what you said but they'll always remember the way you made them feel!"

Choosing joy,
Chris & crew

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